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Nu-Lok Roofing System:

Designed in Australia and used in hugely diverse climates worldwide. The secret of a Nu-lok roof lies in replacing traditional wooden battens with a lightweight galvanised steel grid system.

The patented system incorporates specially designed link channels containing a high grade 316 steel clip for securing the leading tile edge, locked in place between galvanised steel battens.

This link channel eliminates the need for double-lapping of slates, as water passing through the gaps between slates is automatically routed onto the surface of the slate below.

As a result, the Nu-lok system requires fewer slates and less labour than traditional roofing methods, to deliver a surprisingly affordable roofing option. At 27 kg per square metre, this unique design is not only incredibly lightweight, but can support installers’ weight with ease.

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Asbestos coating:

This system provides a completely seamless, encapsulating membrane that can be spray or brush applied and allows asbestos to be left undisturbed. It consists of two coats of Soladex, locally reinforced with Reemat Premium GFM, and can be guaranteed to last for at least 10 years.

High Performance Torch-on Felt

This is a flat roof waterproofing system.  We offer three grades of torch-on felt with guarantees spanning 10, 15 and 20 years.  These systems represent the best value for money in the flat roofing sector, they are very durable systems which not only look good but they have life expectancies in excess of 35 years in the case of the top spec system.

Whilst many of you think of roofs which will fail within a few years when you hear a felt roof being mentioned, these materials are nothing like the old rag based bitumen built up felts which some contractors still use.  These systems are made up of a membrane where the underside has been pre-treated with a covering of thermofusible bitumen. This covering is then heated with a propance gas torch and the membrane is applied to the surface of the roof while the bitumen is still hot.  This means that an exceptionally secure bond is achieved with the felt membrane.  The felt is a polyester based material which contains elastomeric polymers meaning the felt can strech allowing for the forces of expanson and contraction put on it throught the year, resulting in a roof which lasts not like the old felt which would blister and crack under these forces allowing an early breakdown.


Another flat roof waterproofing solution.  Our Fibreglass system offers a 20 year guarantee and has a life expectancy of 30 years plus.  Fibreglass is slightly more expensive than the torch-on felts, which is down to the cost of materials.  The benefits of a fibreglass system is that it is

  • Tough and hard wearing
  • Lasts at least 20 years
  • Can be repaired if physically damaged
  • Can be extended or re-furbished
  • Prevents illegal access
  • Can be tiled or used as a garden platform
  • Replaces lead and has no intrinsic value to thieves

The only real problem with fibreglass is that it has to be installed under perfect conditions, the temperature has to be above 5oC and there needs to be very little moisture in the air.  Unless these conditions are met a fibreglass system will break down early so for that reason we will only install a fibreglass roof when the correct conditons are metto ensure the life of the new roof.


We are constantly looking at new liqud coatings as they are being released.  These coating systems are again best suited to flat roofs and like fibreglass provide a seamless waterproofing membreane to the roof.

We offer many different types of coatings from low cost quick applied systems which offer small guarnatees 5-10 years ideal for repairs to top grade systems with guarnatees of 25 years which are made up of several layers including fibreglass/polyester reiniforced matting and in some cases durable balcony finishes.  Whatever your proposed works there wll be a coating system out there to suit.

The coating systems offer a very pleasing finish with many colours available which make them a favourite for balconies.  They can also be tiled over if required.


We offer both natural slate and composite slate roof systems.  Depending on budgets there is a great choice available both in the natural and composite slate range.


We offer a comprehensive range of roof windows in many sizes and styles including centre pivot windows, top hung, conservation windows and recently tripple glazed systems for those of you who want to keep your property well insulated


Whatever type of roofing project we have an insulation system for you, from glass wool loft insulaton to space saving over rafter blanket insulation, PUR/ply (polyurathane board) insulation for flat roofs to custom made cut to falls system.


We now offer both solar thermal (hot water) and photo-voltaic systems (prroduces electric which is used by your house and sold back to the grid when not being used).  Both of these sustems are for use on pitched roofs and sit flush with the slates which not only looks fantastic but it will meet with any planing issues other types of solar panells may come up against which sit up on top of the slates. These systems have pay back times as low as 6 years after which you are saving money.  There are also grants available to which we can help you apply for.

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